R.O.E.S.B. Nº 1078-CV

The Experts in Pest Control

PCP is one of the leading pest control companies on the Costa Blanca. With our certified and highly trained technicians we provide a friendly and efficient service.

PCP can be relied upon to provide fast and effective services for both residential and commercial buildings throughout the Costa Blanca.
If you are looking for pest control experts who have the experience and expertise to provide an all-year round solution for your residential and commercial Buildings, then PCP is the company for you.

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Professionals at Work

Our professional team is formed by expert biologists and veterinarians with a strong knowledge of the behaviour and biology of the various types of pests and their control, allowing to provide an ecological, professional and effective solution for the prevention, control and elimination of pests.

We carry out preventive treatments and specific monitoring and control programs for each type of pest, adapting to the needs of each client.

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